We finished our full-length album!

“Home” will be released on all streaming platforms by the end of 2020. We started writing music together about a decade ago, during a difficult adoption process for our son Soul. Music had always been a big part of our lives separately and is now what we love to do together.

We recorded the majority of the album during quarantine, with our kids in the other room, helping us to keep the dogs quiet, in between home deliveries, work, and life. But during all of that chaos, “Home” happened quite naturally and I am so happy we got it done.

“Home” is an album of 12 original songs. Songs about love, loss, children, family and the beautiful and not so beautiful reality of what it means to be human.

Thank you to our family and friends for helping to make this happen by hanging out with Lennon and Soul, taking photos for us, listening to versions of songs and just supporting us every step of the way.